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The I.F.C.C.M. Store carries a wide range of products to minister to a variety of
budgets and tastes. Some of Bishop Coleman's most popular (and powerful) products
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and current promotions. The unique, yet straightforward approach of the Bishop has made him a favored speaker and an anointed author as well. The result is a message
deep enough to feed, but simple enough to understand.
In the early 80's, Bishop Allen Coleman made a discovery from the Word of God about a little known (at that time) seed presented to the Lord every year. That seed is known as the Firstfruit Offering, and Bishop Coleman's "discovery" has escorted thousands into the veil of uncommon increase and incredible testimonies.
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Bishop Coleman gives us an up-close look at the nature of God, and what He desires for His people. This powerful book will show you your wonderful inheritance and how to take possession of it in this life and in the life to come.
Price: $18.95
HOMILETICS: The Art of Preparing, Presenting & Communicating The Word of God
Homiletics is the study of the composition and delivery of a sermon. No matter how good what you have to say is, it is no good if you cannot say it! This study is an outline extraction from an actual course taught by Bishop Allen Coleman. With this publication, you will learn... >To provide simple guidelines for properly organizing thoughts to create a message. >To communicate your message with clarity, fluency, accuracy and excitement. >To preview the subject clearly. > And Much, much MORE!
Price: $50.00
FRIENDLY FIRE: Exposing the Enemy (5 CD Series)
The phrase “friendly fire” (or non-hostile fire) generally is associated with soldiers in war who have died, or who were hurt in some way but not at the hands of their enemy, but by their fellow soldiers’ intentional or accidental attacks. Explore this intense revelation of one of the most devious strategies of the enemy in the last days.* * Complete with Outlines
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Perhaps the greatest "curse" and the greatest misunderstanding within relationships, is the perceived "curse" of singleness. In this poignant teaching series, Bishop Allen Coleman uncovers the myths of being single, the Biblical pattern of dating, and the journey into purity.
Price: $20.00
"You Cannot Outrun Blood" is the very sobering comment Bishop Coleman makes about this revelation that has affected sinner and saint alike, and has answered many of the deep, probing questions about why we are who we are. This is a Must Have Series!
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"After this manner, pray..." Of the many prayers presented in the Scripture, Intercessory Prayer is perhaps the most unselfish. In intercession,a willing vessel agrees to act literally as a "go-between" in prayer, until God's heart is imparted, and His will is injected into any situation. The Intercessory Prayer Book is a must for those who have any unction to begin to pray for the needs of others. Get yours right away!
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