International Fellowship of Covenant Churches & Ministries - "Strengthening Leaders Through Mentorship and Impartation"
What Is The I.F.C.C.M.?
The most recent growing trend shows that there are more churches being started in the U.S. each year than are being closed. As encouraging as that seems, only one percent of these same Churches experience "mega" status. The very life
leaders pour into their ministries is often rewarded with slow church growth, financial setbacks, schisms and church splits.
Bishop addressing an Assembly during a Conference in Europe.
Another looming reality is that some ministries are struggling because eager leaders launched themselves into ministry. Other leaders are refusing the practical assistance needed in getting their foundations solid for successful ministry.  An organization will only respond favorably when its health increases.
The International Fellowship of Covenant Churches & Ministries was established to provide mentorship and impartation through the Spiritual Father's mantle of Bishop Allen B. Coleman. The I.F.C.C.M. is largely comprised of independent, denominational, sacramental and evangelical churches and ministries who are called, appointed, and anointed to do a work in the Earth. The "Network" is a tool that strengthens and fathers through a unique concept the Bishop calls Mentorship Through Relationship.
Bishop conducting a Pastor's Seminar in Chennai, India   For nearly three decades, Bishop has been called to Strengthen the Body of Christ by Strengthening Its Leaders. The success of this calling has merited a national and international base with a growing worldwide representation.
By the many avenues available through the I.F.C.C.M., Bishop Coleman has been blessed to develop many cherished students, spiritual sons and daughters. He continues to add to this treasured number of protegés through opportunities of intensified learning, seminars, conferences, special gatherings, and one-on-one encounters.
The Bishop's Round Table Gathering is one such encounter. The Round Table is a quarterly forum where leaders gather to receive fellowship and specialized training from a gathering of God's up and coming Specialists as they pursue their passion of training others.
Please contact our office at to express your desire to connect with the I.F.C.C.M., and be sure to review the Guidelines link listed below.
Bishop with Pastors Oscar & Sharon Basley, Jeffersonville GAOr Write to:
3117-404 Spring Glen Road
Jacksonville, FL 32207
ATTN: Barbara James, Assistant